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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who can register themselves in our archive?


Our download service is exclusively intended for commercial customers who regularly require animal photos.
This means that publishing house employees, image buying agents, advertising agencies and manufacturers of commercial products can register with us and will be activated after successful review.
Commercial traders who do not work in the image industry and private customers will not be activated. However they can naturally always order images on their account via mail or telephone. We do not send any digital files to private customers. The ordering of posters and prints as well as photo products is however possible at any time with prepayment.


How long does the activation take?



Generally we activate a new account within 24 hours. Then you will receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t received this then please contact us.


What advantages are there to registration?


You can file images in your light box, access our images 24 hours per day and download layouts as well as high resolution files without watermarks.


Are there any costs for downloading the files?


No. All downloads are free-of-charge. You only pay the usage fees accrued.
Be sure to ask about our fees BEFORE downloading high resolution files.


Are there costs for the creation of sample offers?


No. This service is completely free-of-charge and without obligation. A sample offer does not oblige you to purchase images. If they are published then only the usage fee is charged.


Are there costs for image production?


Generally all productions are free-of-charge. You only pay the usage fees accrued. If there are costs for models, required props, travel expenses, required overheads etc. then we will immediately inform you. The costs are at the expense of the customer.


How much does an image cost?


For prices we comply with the fee recommendations of the MfM. These prices vary depending on intended purpose, circulation, placement, image size, time period and region of circulation. If you like an image then click on the small calculator under the photo. Here we request all the relevant data which are required for price calculation.


May a purchased image be used multiple times?


No. Insofar as no flat-rate fee was agreed for usage for multiple intended purposes you are only purchasing the single usage rights for the individually licensed intended purpose.

Any purpose going beyond this is subject to an additional fee, e.g. if the circulation is subsequently increased, the period of time is lengthened or the image is to be used for an additional purpose.


Must the image source be named?


Yes. Insofar as not otherwise agreed upon the declaration of image source in the form of
agency / photographer or photographer / agency is mandatory. For missing / incorrect image sources we are entitled to a 100% surcharge.


Can images be used exclusively?


Yes. Various exclusive rights can be granted for an additional charge. These extend to individual product types (e.g. the blocking for postcards, books, magazines), industries, countries and all the way to completely exclusive usage (deleting of the images from our archive).



Abstract of our archive

Do Khyi Portrait Do Khyi Thai Thai Kitten in basket warty frogfish Warty Frogfish Dwarf Rabbit & Guinea Pig dwarf rabbit and guinea pig butterfly Ringlet Butterfly Blue-tailed Damselfly dragonfly ospreys Osprey Indri climbing indri Shorthorn cattle Shorthorn cattle Robber Fly robber fly