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02/13/2020 - More than 1500 new animal pictures

WOW! We welcome 1588 new pictures and 5 new photographers to our picture archive.
>>> M. Hoffmann <<< has particularly creative dog photos. Be sure to have a look!

>>> S. Seeliger <<< >>> D. Labella <<< >>> K. Jung <<< and >>> S. Lüchtemeier <<< also take beautiful pet photos, mainly in the realm of dogs.


02/12/2020 - More than 1000 new animal pictures

From today you will find 1036 new animal pictures in our picture archive.


01/31/2020 - More than 1100 new animal pictures

1131 new animal pictures have been added to our archive since today. Including pictures of a >>> new photographer <<<


01/22/2020 - More than 1400 new animal pictures

Our picture stock has grown by another 1423 animal pictures in the last few days. Including beautiful wildlife photos but also great horse photos of a >>> new photographer <<< and lots of french bulldogs.


01/14/2020 - Almost 1.600 new animal pictures

Our range of dog photos continues to grow enormously. Already this week we were able to put 1569 new animal pictures, mainly dogs, online. We are happy to announce two new photographers >>> L. Bestfleisch <<< and >>> S. Krautstrung <<<


12/30/2019 - Almost 900 new animal pictures

With 886 new animal pictures and a >>> new photographer <<< we reach the 460.000 pictures.


Merry Christmas

We wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS.


12/17/2019 - Almost 800 new animal pictures

From today you will find 778 new pictures in our archive.
Among them a lot of British Shorthair and British Longhair.


12/13/2019 - Almost 600 new animal photos

579 new pictures have been added to our picture archive since today.
Including photos of a >>> new photographer <<<


12/02/2019 - Exact 800 new animal photos

Another 800 animal pictures have been added to our archive.

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