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As ambitious animal photographers, we offer you a platform through our animal photo agency, which gives you the opportunity to market your photographs and creative work. You can also market your pictures at any time by yourself. Our network of customers, partners and photographers is constantly expanding worldwide and the technical part of our online image archive is regularly optimized and expanded to provide the best service for all sides. We also take over the complete keywording in German and English.


Application as photographer


We love beautiful animal photos and are looking for new and outstanding animal pictures to expand our archive. It doesn't matter if you are an ambitious hobby photographer, semi-professional or professional photographer. As long as your passion is animal photography, you regularly take pictures and makes beautiful pictures, you are right with us.

We are looking for pictures of domestic animals [horses, dogs, cats, small animals] as well as pictures of wild animals [domestic animals, Africa, underwater] and much more. We are looking for calendar motifs as well as reportage photographs.

As soon as you have 500 very good motifs, you can apply to us.
Please only use our email address:
Send us a link to your website, your SocialMedia presence or send us an overview of about 100 of your best photographs in small resolution of 700 pixels via download link or in the attachment.
We will get in touch with you immediately after checking.

We are very happy if we can arouse your interest and are looking forward to your application photos. If you prefer the more formal "you" form, then simply write to us accordingly.





  • DSLR camera and corresponding lenses
  • We take JPG (no RAW) stored at the highest quality level
  • Delivery via FTP to our server, DVD, hard disk*, USB stick*, rarely via download link
  • Please crop your images as little as possible, even if you have enough resolution.
  • If you are editing your images in an elaborate way, please make sure that no edges are visible through superimposed layers.
  • 500 pictures for an optimal start are ideal
  • regular image deliveries are desirable but not a must (ideally 150 images per quarter)



You love to photograph humans and animals? If the person shown agrees with the marketing of the pictures, then let you give this in writing by a model release contract.


You will need a property release contract if you are photographing in closed rooms [e.g. museums] or if you are on private ground. As long as you are not trespassing, you do not need a PRA for taking pictures in your model's garden. However, you do need a PRA if you use objects in the photo that are protected by copyright. This also includes trademarks such as logos and utility models. Many zoos require such permission.

Please archive these contracts carefully so that they can be submitted in the event of any disputes. Until then, we do not need these contracts.

*attach return postage


IPTC Dates


Your passion is photographing and not keywording, so we take care of all the work for you. We keywording all images extensively in our house in English and German.
All we need is the exact name of the species or breeds of you. Further information is optional.




Our fees depend on the intended use and scope and vary greatly depending on use and customer. From one-digit to four-digit is everything possible.
As a photographer you receive 50% of the net proceeds. Our invoices are issued quarterly at the beginning of January, April, July and October. As soon as 100 € net proceeds have been reached, we will send you a quarterly statement. 

As a rule, you will be informed about the type of use with the publication.



Abstract of our archive

European Shorthair in basket European Shorthair Javan Langur Javan Langur red miniature pinscher Miniature Pinscher Silver-studded Blue Butterfly silver-studded blue butterfly Eastern timber wolf Eastern Timber Wolf Dogo Canario Dogo Canario Puppy delphacid grasshopper Delphacid Grasshopper Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel puppy sitting Texas Heeler Texas Heeler Puli sitting Puli