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Our extensive keywording ensures that you find exactly what you are looking for! If you have new suggestions for search terms then please let us know. We are always endeavouring to design our range even more attractively.

Hints about our quick search

Multiple keywords are automatically connected.
E.g. Dog cat basket shows images with dog AND cat AND basket.

With a colon you can use the OR function.
e.g. :dog :cat winking shows images with dog OR cat AND winking.
It is important here that the colon is used directly in front of the respective search word, without a space.


You can exclude terms with a minus sign.
E.g.: Dog -person -animal lover shows dogs WITHOUT people WITHOUT animal lovers.
Please make sure that you do NOT enter a space before the minus sign!

You can limit or expand the search as desired.
Horse :white :black -person -halter -fence -foal


Which search term should I enter?




Use keywords instead of phrases. "Horse gallop" instead of "galloping horse".


Expanded search functions:


It is even easier with our expanded search. This automatically takes over the combination of desired and undesired motifs. In addition you can also specifically display individual photographers here.


Tips & Tricks:



Are you looking for an animal in front of a brown background? Enter bg-brown and you will easily find suitable images. (Even more specifically you can enter bg-lightbrown or bg-darkbrown).
With the keywords
cute and camera you will find cute animals which are smiling at the camera.


There are currently more than 39,000 different German and English keywords in our database.


You can find suggestions for an effective search under the individual images.





Sometimes it can be difficult to find motifs. Simply surf through our categories. We have also compiled several special themes. Here you can simply and comfortably carry out your motif search.


We wish you much fun and success in SEARCHING and FINDING.


If you ever have any problems finding something or have no time to search: Please let us know. We will endeavour to compile or edit the desired image material. We are happy to produce a motif for your project! Talk to us.


Abstract of our archive

Glossy Ibis Glossy Ibis Baboon baboon playing pomeranians German Spitz (Mittel) Adelie penguin Adelie penguin Great Snipe Great Snipe Sparrow sparrow easter bunny Rabbit Saluki Saluki Portrait Cao de Castro Laboreiro Puppy Cao de Castro Laboreiro Wielkopolski running Wielkopolski